What is an EOS Implementer?

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is simple, but completely transforming the way your business operates can be difficult. Combining their passion for guiding entrepreneurial business owners with their extensive EOS training, an Official EOS Implementer will help you get what you want out of your business.

Strengthening The Six Key Components

An EOS Implementer will work with you and your leadership team in order to strengthen the six key components of your business by:

  • Teaching you and your leadership team every tool in the EOS Toolbox
  • Facilitating clarity, alignment and resolution
  • Coaching EOS purity, accountability, and helping your leadership team become the best it can be
EOS Implementer

Why should you use an EOS Implementer? 

  • Whilst a business coach and an EOS Implementer have somewhat similar goals, the relationship with a coach is typically one on one and remains an ongoing relationship. A coach's goal is to guide you through every opportunity, change and decision in your business. 
    An EOS Implementer, on the other hand; has an obligation to create independence within the leadership team of a business by rolling out the EOS process until you "graduate" and go at it alone. You'll continue to grow by using the foundations set under the guidance of your EOS Implementer.

  • EOS Implementers turn leadership teams into highly accountable teams obsessed with execution, gaining traction, getting things done, and concluding.


Do I have to use an EOS Implementer?

  • No. Absolutely not - if you've made it this far, there is a high chance that you've read Traction, by Gino Wickman and have perhaps started implementing some of the tools yourself. 

  • Self-Implementing EOS can be really tricky - it's often very hard, if not impossible to change an organisation from the inside out. When you spend every day inside the business you can become blinded and not actually see what needs to change. Additionally, implementing EOS requires discipline and each tool within the EOS Toolbox needs to be used correctly, and not adjusted to fit your preferred way of working, it's meant to feel a little uncomfortable and you're going to have to make some difficult decisions along the way - without an implementer it can be really easy to avoid making those decisions and to 'bend' the tools so much, that they're not effective anymore.


How do I pick the right EOS Implementer?

EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) is growing dramatically each year due to the discipline, focus and accountability that it brings to organisations around the world. As it grows, more individuals who are passionate about helping entrepreneurial business leaders decide to implement EOS with businesses - but, they're not all official EOS Implementers.

  • It's incredibly important that you work with an Official EOS Implementer (like us!). Without going through the official programme - it is incredibly unlikely that somebody implementing EOS will get it right, and they're likely to take small elements of it and implement into their own way  of working. 

  • Official EOS Implementers have invested a lot of time in the proven, holistic system of EOS that is simple to use and fits into almost any organisation. They don't need to come up with new tools or a clunky system and instead they spend less time coming up with a diagrams and more time delivering success.


How do I get started with an EOS Implementer?

All Official EOS Implementers follow the same journey, known as the EOS Process. 

This process begins with a free 90 minute meeting in which the EOS Implementer will detail the entire EOS Process to you and your leadership team so that everybody knows what they're getting themselves into. Implementing EOS isn't a walk in the park, and it takes real dedication. 

Furthermore, the EOS 90 Minute Meeting helps the EOS Implementer get real understanding and clarity of your business, what you're looking to achieve, who makes the decisions, what pain you're facing and what you're looking to get out of EOS.

Ultimately, it's an opportunity for both sides of the table to meet one another and see if there's a good fit, before you get started.


Speak to an official EOS Implementer today.