We’ve all been there, you head to the office and look at your diary and you’ve got a full day of meetings, most of which in reality are going to be a waste of time.

Having sat in many of those meetings myself, and from working with many entrepreneurial leaders, I’ve heard these meetings described as pointless, a waste of time, unproductive. I’ve seen people play on their phones, answer emails or slack conversations and not really be present in the meeting. The reality is – most of these meetings are a complete waste of your business’ time.

However, with a Level 10 Meeting, pointless meetings are a thing of the past and you could soon be running rock solid weekly meetings that help you towards your goals and save an incredible amount of time, whilst building team health.

First, you’ll implement them at the leadership level, and learn to run a flawless Level 10 Meeting. Once you’re experts in running a world-class Level 10 Meeting, you’ll gradually bring this discipline down to the rest of the business, improving communication, solving problems and helping you gain traction.

The video below details how you can use the Level 10 Meeting to run an effective meeting.

Entrepreneurial Operating System EOS

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